Our Story


Jewelry design has always been part of our life: we have come quite a journey since testing new creative techniques during university!

Enrolled in Architecture, we attend a Jewelry design program at Accademia del Costume e Moda in Rome as well.

After graduation, we gain a first-hand experience working for a renowned Italian jewelry designer: Bernard Delettrez.

In 2012, the first milestone: the launch of our brand in a cozy studio in the lively Monti district.

Our academic and professional heritage, together with our passion for travel and art, continue to influence our designs.

After having become licensed architects in 2016, our second milestone: the opening a new atelier conveniently located in the very heart of Rome, entirely designed by us.

Come discover our architecture-à-porter in via della Scrofa 52, Rome!

Costanza and Giulia

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