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“I felt responsible for the beauty of the world”
This is a sentence like no other. It tells about an extraordinary emperor and a unique novel.
This is a sentence we had the pleasure to engrave on a special ring that tells the history and beauty of a city like no other. Rome.

Pantheon Rome Inspired ring
“I wanted this sanctuary of all gods to represent the globe
and the celestial sphere, a globe within which the seeds of eternal fire are enclosed,
all contained in the hollow sphere “
Memoirs of Hadrian,
Marguerite Yourcenar

Some books change lives, there are novels capable of touching us deeply and determining our destiny.

For us, this happened with the Memoirs of Hadrian.

We read it at the same time and, always at the same time, we fell in love with the poetic figure of this architect Emperor.

Together, we ran to discover the wonders of Villa Adriana.
It was on a November afternoon, walking in the Maritime Theater, that we understood that we would be enrolled in the faculty of Architecture.

This is why we are proud to present you this jewel, which has a very great emotional value for us.

The meaning of engraving also has a strong sense in everyday life, outside the world of architecture.
Because every day we are all responsible for the beauty and grace of our world.

with love,
Costanza and Giulia

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