Hangar Earrings Gold-Plated Bronze

Hangar Earrings Gold-Plated Bronze


Our gold-plated bronze Hangar earrings take their inspiration by the great Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi’s hangars in Orbetello: closed structures meant to hold aircraft.

Their classic drop-like shape is embellished by a contemporary and unique pattern.

  • Available in gold-plated bronze

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Our contemporary Hangar earrings in gold-plated bronze takes its inspiration by the great Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi’s hangars, built during the Second World War in the hydroponic area of Orbetello (Tuscany).

Demolished when German soldiers’ left in 1945, these hangars were closed building structures meant to hold aircrafts which now live again in an amazing example of Italian craftsmanship.

Available in gold-plated bronze

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Weight10 g
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