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Jewelry User Guide

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Each Co.Ro. Jewels creation is designed and created by skilled Italian artisans to meet a precious goal: to provide you a unique dream by meeting the highest standards of quality.

But in order to reach it, we need your help!

Follow our Jewelry Essential Care Guide below to always keep your jewelry looking at its finest, whether you wear them everyday or on special occasions:



How to Protect 

  • After each wear, be sure to take your time to gently wipe jewelry clean with a damp cloth. This, in order to remove make up & oils from skin
  • After each use, store your precious creations in its original velveted pochette or in a fabric lined box, as it has to be preserved on a soft surface
  • Travel (and sport) tip: bring a padded case always with you!



How to Maintain

  • During household tasks, remove your sparkles somewhere soft (see above), as the contact with detergents may cause damages to semi-precious and precious stones and pearls
  • During your sport exercises, remove your  jewelry and store them in  a soft padded case. Sweat is brightness public enemy!
  • Store them away from babies (and their fingers) and cute little animals (and their claws and paws)!
  • Put these precious creations as finishing styling touch of your outfit
  • Dry entirely after accidental contact with water, as moisture can tarnish and weaken springs and clasps



What to Avoid

  • Direct contact with water – yes, swimming pool and sauna included – as detergents, chlorine and oils may tarnish and damage
  • Direct contact with chemical products, e.g. perfume, soap and abrasive product
  • Direct contact make-up and hairspray on their surfaces, as they may cause a premature deterioration of the metals we use
  • Avoid impact with other jewels or hard objects or items, as this friction may decrease the brightness
  • Avoid all sources of heat (radiators included) and to X-ray
  • Avoid forcing clasps and springs


For Any Other Tip:

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