Creative Process


A building, a vintage photograph, a client’s suggestion, vivid reminiscences from a trip: all these spurs (and many other!) may boost our creative process.

After the brainstorming phase, it’s time to research and unveil the idea’s most hidden cultural and historical meanings.

Once the sketches are ready, the lost wax casting technique is applied – although sometimes we divert in favor on 3D print-based models, like for our best sellers Prospettiva and Nervi Ring – and a prototype is carved out.

These original models are then changed into metal through their sprung and fusing onto a rubber base, subsequently covered by a metal flask.

Afterwards, it is up to our skilled craftsmen team to polish and coat the jewels with a layer of the preferred metal.

 And, as the final step, there is the setting of colored gemstones – when required.

Costanza and Giulia

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