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Secret Garden

In the secret gardens of Villa Borghese, amidst flowers and heraldic motifs, columns and stuccoes, fragrances and friezes, there is a geometry that seems to caress the landscape and its mysterious tranquility.

Co.Ro.’s collection dedicated to the Borghese Gallery and its gardens draws from this map of thoughts and sensations, focusing on details brimming with intensity – such as the floral capitals that dot the Meridiana – and on broader perspectives – like the diamond-patterned layout adorning the Uccelliera.

Columns adorned with noble symbols coil into earrings with a subtle modern flavor, while the unusual minimalism of seventeenth-century florists envelops itself in a ring that narrates the expressive joy of architecture. A dazzling, entirely contemporary interpretation of the most beautiful villa hidden in the heart of Rome.



Secret Garden Cuff

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