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Collezione Ima

Institut du Monde Arabe

Indossato orecchini Ima oro 1

Celebrating brightness and dialogue among cultures, this collection takes inspiration from the Parisian Institut du
Monde Arabe. Its arabesque geometries give life to the magic of an oneiric yet tangible place, where you
can experience the intermingling of worlds that are far apart but still close, like light and shadow.
A jewelry collection permeated with charm, laden with modernity.

indossato ima anello argento

Wandering between light and shadow, east and west, ancient geometries and nowadays symbols, the IMA
ring takes inspiration from the hypnotic splendour of the Institut du Monde Arabe, in Paris. Cultural centre
and one of the finest expressions of contemporary architecture, the Institute’s façade is adorned with
elements reacting to light, which projects, like a camera’s diaphragm, Mozarabic forms and kaleidoscopic
glares. As a sign and a synthesis of these two concepts, the ring is engraved with the ancient Greek terms
that build the etymology of the word “photography”: φώς γραφή (phos, light and graphè, drawing).

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