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About us

Co.Ro. Jewels is a project by Architects Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini.



conveys the meaning and the vision of our work, without compromise.

It’s the choice we make every day, an exploration across all the shades of our character. Translating it into jewellery is a divertissement for us, which we turn into concrete shapes that can be worn in any occasion.


the designers

Costanza de Cecco and Giulia Giannini are two architects who chose an unexpected expressive form: the art of jewellery. After studying at Accademia di costume e moda and training as designers for a luxury brand, in 2012 they founded Co.Ro.

While strengthening their 20-years long friendship, their shared fascination with jewellery turned into a project that found its ideal harbour in the studio-boutique located in via della Scrofa, a focal point to welcome a wide variety of creative ideas.

Driven by an eclectic curiosity, their artistic exploration draws on Baroque splendour as much as on Zen minimalism, on sumptuous Venetian views as well as on light-hearted Roman alleys. Close as day and night, as comics and fairy tales, from the multifaceted and breezy harmony between these two designers it couldn’t come to life anything other than tiny design objects exuding vibrant uniqueness.


Their vision

To make the language of architecture speak with the voice of jewellery design.

To give a scaled-down experience of the charm of buildings, perspectives and volumes, enriching it with the memories of the people who are wearing it. Co.Ro. jewellery takes form in this idea of lightness, playing with references and resemblances, jumping across past and future, technology and craftsmanship, monumentality and miniature details. Here images and memories, deep-seated in places and urban textures, connect and thicken for the sake of an aesthetic experience to enjoy everyday.

Ritratto nave 2005

Their name

The name Co.Ro. recalls and connects two ideas: the craftsmen’s voices and hands that, just like a choir (“Coro” in Italian), move and sync together under the direction of the two designers; the acronym of Collegio Romano, location of the historical Roman high school Ennio Quirino Visconti where their friendship was born.


their work

Co.Ro. is team-play. A crew of goldsmiths, engravers and smelters turns the visions of the two creative directors into living matter.

Each piece of jewellery is an architectural composition: the initial idea goes under a laborious project phase, made of trials and sketches, of bidimensional practice with pencil and paper and 3D implementation of wax micro-sculptures through digital printing and handshaping.

The outcome is the result of ancient and experimental techniques mixing together: from the blank sheet to the living matter of the final piece.