Co.Ro. Jewels

Designed to turn marvelous architectural visions into precious wearables

Roman Memories

Industrial Archeology


A friendship born between school benches becomes a project every day.


Why choose Co.Ro?



For the pleasure of bringing a detail of a particular place always with you. To celebrate the genius of the architects in your way. To amaze and be amazed every day.


From the lost wax casting to the 3D processing, Co.Ro. expresses at best the typical know-how of the contemporary made in Italy. Each jewel is the formal expression of research that combines traditional and innovative techniques of the Italian goldsmith’s art.

Customer Care

Here, you are our guest. We dedicate it to you with the same care with which we realize our jewels. Please write to us for advice on your choice, whether for yourself or someone special. Your Co.Ro. is coming!
Through the most ancient techniques, we create jewelry with contemporary design. Discover our collections inspired by architecture.

Selected press

Via della Scrofa 52 00186 Rome

Co.Ro. Boutique is at the center of the ancient Roman goldsmith district as a blue parenthesis between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Here, the collections dialogue with the design, the atelier, and the sincerity of the city’s alleys in a context where choosing a piece of jewelry becomes an experience.